# Getting Started

# Installation

Aidoku can be installed using TestFlight or through a service like AltStore that allows you to install ipa files.

# TestFlight Installation

  1. Join the Aidoku Discord server
  2. In the #install-info channel, click the button at the bottom labeled "Join Beta"
  3. Provide your email in the popup
  4. Check your email for an email inviting you to the beta, and press "View in Testflight"
  5. Download TestFlight from the App Store
  6. Install Aidoku from TestFlight after accepting the invitation

# Manual Installation

Compiled ipa files can be optained from the GitHub releases page. If you're jailbroken, have AltStore already set up, or have another method of installation, this may be the simplest option, but also requires you to sideload a new ipa after every app update.

# Troubleshooting

Issues installing Aidoku? Ask for support in the Discord server in the #support channel.

# Installing a source

Once Aidoku has been installed, you will need to use a source in order to add content to your library.

Sources are distributed in .aix packages that can be installed by opening them inside Aidoku. Alternatively, source lists can be added in the settings page which allow installation directly from the Browse tab.

To find public sources and source lists, we recommend checking the Discord.

# Adding manga to your library

Once have a source installed, you can find and add manga to your library.

Start by opening your desired source in the Browse tab. If the source supports listings, you can sort the manga list by using the listing dropdown menu. In addition, there will be a search bar at the top if the source supports searching by title.

When you find your desired manga, open it and tap on the bookmark icon. Alternatively, you can long press on the manga and select Add to Library. Once added to your library, the manga should appear in the Library tab.