# Frequently Asked Questions

# Application

# General

# How do I install Aidoku?

Check the Getting Started guide for instructions.

# Does Aidoku expire in X days?

The expiration counter resets to 90 days every time a new update is released, and since updates are fairly frequent you won't have to worry about the app expiring.

# Will Aidoku be on the App Store?

There are not currently any plans for making it onto the App Store at the moment because a lot of things still need to be changed and added before that could happen. It's not out of the question for the future, but it likely will not happen for a while.

# How can I request a new feature?

You can open a feature request on the issue tracker.

Please make sure the feature hasn't been requested yet before opening an issue.

# iCloud Sync

# Why isn't my library always being synced across devices?

iCloud Sync is still somewhat buggy at the moment and it's hit or miss if the syncing actually works. Consider toggling it off and on again.

# Library

# How can I see how many chapters I have unread?

Enable badges by navigating to Settings and check the Unread Chapter Badges section under the Library section.

# Browse

# Why can't I see some sources?

  • By default, only multi-language sources and sources in your Preferred Languages list are shown. Enable more languages by navigating to Browse, selecting the globe icon on the top right, and select the languages you want.
  • NSFW sources are hidden by default. Navigate to Settings and enable Show NSFW Sources under the Browse section.

# Reader

# Why aren't my chapters being marked as read?

  • You might not have reached the last page.
  • You may have Incognito Mode enabled. Navigate to Settings and disable Incognito Mode under the General section.

# User Interface

# Can I change the app language?

Open the Settings app → Aidoku → Languages and select your language. The app will restart automatically to apply changes.

If your language isn't in the list, or the translations aren't good enough, consider helping translate the app on Weblate.

# Sources

# General

Aidoku does not endorse or recommend any manga sources, and users are encouraged to spend some time trying out a few sources themselves and find out what works best for them.

Aidoku does not host any content, nor is Aidoku responsible for any sources that are slow, down, missing chapters, or have subpar image quality.

# Is source X down?

Check the actual source's website first. If the website loads but Aidoku doesn't, join the Aidoku Discord server for help.