# Backups

Aidoku backups allow you to transfer your Aidoku data accross devices as well as help prevent data loss.

# Backing up your data

# Creating a backup

To create a backup, go to Settings → Backups and press the plus icon on the top right. You should see a new backup entry titled "Backup <current date>".

# Exporting a backup

Press and hold on the backup entry you want to export, then select Export → Save to Files and choose where you want to save the backup.

# Importing a backup

Go to your previously saved backup and press the share icon, then select the Aidoku app in the share sheet to import it.

# Restoring to a backup

Select the backup you want to restore to, then select Restore.

# Renaming/deleting a backup

On the backup you want to rename/delete, swipe to the left and select your action.